Where We Started

OzConveyancers was built to address a gap in the Australian conveyancing market. So we generated an online, user-friendly database of licensed professionals across the country that answers the question: ‘what property settlement services are available in my region?’ And that is just the beginning.

Where We Are

We then continued to add more services, resources, and highly specialised location searching for property consumers to offer you a website unlike any other conveyancing directory out there, with a truly unique user experience.

Where We Are Going

With several more projects planned, we know that innovation is the key to success. OzConveyancers is built to satisfy the needs of conveyancers and property consumers now, and in the future. You will continue to see an ever evolving platform with more conveyancing related products and services. 


What We Believe

Limitless Innovation

Innovation drives all our decisions, and the belief “whatever has been done can always be done better” motivates our continuous improvement.


OzConveyancers aims to provide users with visibility into the availability, cost and quality of Australian conveyancing services. As a result, property consumers are empowered with decision-making information, and quality conveyancers are rewarded with new business.

Efficient Simplicity

Our products, services and corporate strategy reflect our commitment to simplicity. We value getting the job done, with no redundant activity – and that’s why we’ve built OzConveyancers for you. Simple!

Now you’ve met us, meet our services!